Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the right toilet for your home is a difficult task for people with little to no experience in DIY or plumbing. Our blog aims to shed some light on some of the best toilets on the market and explain why. We’ll also be looking at and providing reviews for other hardware and sanitary ware. But first, we want to equip you with some important knowledge that may save you time and money in the future.

The Basics

You can’t just dive in at the deep end and pick the first toilet you like the look of. There are some details that need to be known beforehand. We’ve compiled a short list below with the help of, to ensure our readers find a top toilet.

  1. Rough in – The very first thing you should do is ask yourself what your current rough in is. In basic terms, this is the distance from the wall to the middle of the waste outlet. I will go out on a limb and say that the majority or readers will require a toilet with a 12″ rough in, but you should be checking to make sure as returns aren’t always straightforward with bathroom hardware.
  2. Standard or comfort bowl – This is not as important as the rough in distance above, but it still has implications if you choose the wrong one. The difference between a standard and comfort height bowl is simply how tall it is from the floor. If you have elderly residents living with you, comfort bowls certainly have their advantages.
  3. Gallons per flush – If you’ve already looked in stores and shops online, you may of noticed GPF being mentioned frequently. This refers to how much water it consumes each time you activate the flush. The only decision you will have to make is whether or not to pick power over water efficiency. 1.6 GPF models being the most powerful in general, and eco friendly toilets using as low as 1.28 GPF.

Top toilet brands

  1. Toto – A giant in the industry with a huge selection of bathroom products including tubs, faucets, shower heads, and of course, toilets. A extremely reliable name that has always performed for me. Our favorite collections include UltraMax II, and Drake II.
  2. Kohler – Similar to Toto, a market leader with some excellent products with top of the line flushing performance, and amazing designs that are contemporary and comfortable. We suggest looking at the Cimarron and Memoirs collections.

We’re of the opinion that these two are a long way ahead of the rest in terms of durability and performance. You stand a better chance of finding a match when sticking to them over the lesser known brands.

Flushing Power

You can either learn the hard way through purchasing a toilet only to find it performs poorly and clogs up easily, or you can make use of the resources available to you that will help you avoid the poor quality toilets.

We’re Talking about MaP ratings of course. A system which tells consumers and manufacturers how well their product handles waste and how much can be flushed in one go. Products that have been sent to them for testing will be assigned a score from 0-1000 grams depending on the results. The general rule we have is to avoid anything that scores below 600 grams.

Best overall

After looking through all the details above and conducting in depth research into five different brands, and fifty different toilets, we’ve chosen one that we think comes out on top.

Toto Entrada

If you look in stores and eCommerce stores, you’ll find that the Toto Entrada is highly rated and sought after. A beautiful design with a excellent flushing mechanism is responsible for this in our opinion.

It’s a two piece toilet with a elongated front bowl and a tank with the trip lever on the left hand side. You can get it in either sedona beige or cotton and it comes with a quiet closing seat.

You can expect both performance and efficiency through its E-Max flushing system. This mechanism helps the water swirl round the bowl and rinse more thoroughly, creating a cleaner surface after use. What’s more, it uses a eco friendly 1.28 GPF.

The features included in the spec put it among the best toilets we’ve come across in our opinion. It’s comfortable, modern, and powerful. These three things can make or break a product, and we’re happy to say the Entrada impresses, and would make a great addition to any residential bathroom.